Lions of Virginia 2020 State Convention

In the wake of what has transpired with the Corona Virus, the Virginia Lions Council of Governors has taken immediate actions to safeguard your health. These actions are designed to contribute to the global effort to slow the virus and protect the most vulnerable people from the risk of infection.

At this time, I regret to inform you that 97th Virginia Lions State Convention that was originally planned for May 14-17, 2020 in Chesapeake, Virginia has been cancelled. Our Convention Team will be working diligently to assist you by issuing full refunds for all registration fees paid.

Lion Tammie Brightwell, our Lions State Secretary will be getting detailed information out to each Lions Club to inform them on how the voting for District Officers will take place. I urge each and every Lions Club to return their Form B or a list of their club’s delegates to Lion Tammie by April 15, 2020. Our voting for Officers will be done by absentee ballot. Meaning that each delegate will be sent a ballot and asked to fill it out and return it to the State Office. This is a unique opportunity for every Lions Club to participate in our elections without having to travel outside their homes.

I know there are questions about what happens in regard to the Bland Contest and the annual LOVF raffle. I ask you to please be patient and allow our Foundations to implement alternate plans. Please do not contact those foundations directly as they are all overwhelmed. Your patience is appreciated. As soon as the Council of Governors is made aware of any arrangements, Lion Tammie will forward them to the District Secretaries to send out electronically to each Lions Club. We understand how this outbreak impacts you, and hope for safety and good health during this difficult time.

Donna M. Weiler, PDG