Virginia Lions Clubs Organization

Lions Clubs

Lions clubs are the core of our organization. There are over 17,000 clubs worldwide, 253 clubs in Virginia, and 98 clubs in our district.

Board of Directors
Club Officers

The president serves as the club’s chief executive officer and presides at all meetings of the club and the board of directors. The president serves as the chair of the Clubs Global Action Team, a committee made up of the club service chairperson, club membership chairperson, and club vice president – who serves as the leadership chairperson. The president issues the call for regular and special meetings in accordance with the club’s by-laws or procedures, plans the agenda and ensures that the status of each committee activity is reported. It is also the responsibility of the president to see that regular elections are duly called, noticed and held. The president cooperates with, and is an active member of, the district governor’s advisory committee of the zone in which the club is located.

The immediate past president assists and gives guidance to the current club president as needed. He or she also serves as the club’s LCIF Coordinator

In the event that the president should be unable to perform the duties of office for any reason, the vice president next in rank occupies the position and performs the duties with the same authority as the president. Each vice president, under the direction of the president, oversees the functioning of various committees of the club. The Vice President also serves as the club Leadership Chairperson on the club’s Global Action Team. In this role, he ensures that training for members is identified, communicated and encouraged, leading toward membership satisfaction and retention.

Under the supervision and direction of the president and board of directors, the secretary acts as a liaison officer between the club and both the district and International Headquarters. Responsibilities of the secretary include submitting reports, maintaining club records and issuing financial statements to club members.

The treasurer is responsible for all club financial matters. Duties include receiving all money from the secretary and paying club obligations, maintaining financial records, preparing financial statements and submitting financial reports

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Leo Clubs

As the youngest members of Lions Clubs International, Leos embody the best qualities of our incredible organization. They are devoted young people who realize the power of action. Together, Leos and Lions form a powerful partnership—one of mutual respect, where Lions learn from the innovative insights of Leos, and where Leos gain access to the proven strategies of those who’ve successfully served the world for decades.

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Regions & Zones

Our district is divided into four geographic regions, and each region is broken down into zones of 4 to 8 clubs. All of the clubs in each zone get together for joint meetings 3 or 4 times each year to share ideas and learn what's going on throughout the entire Lions organization.


The zone chairperson is the chief administrative officer in the zone and is given direction and supervision by the district governor and region chairperson. The zone chairperson is responsible for taking an active role in organizing new clubs and reports on the activities and well-being on all the clubs in their zone. The zone chairperson is appointed by the Governor and is a member of the district governor’s cabinet.

Zone A (Northeast)

Region 1; Zone 1, Arlington Host, Arlington Northwest, Arlington South, Bailey's Crossroads

Stuart High School Leo Club, Williamsburg Middle School Leo Club

Zone B (Northeast)

Region 1; Zone 2, Alexandria, Alexandria Host, Alexandria Lincolnia, Alexandria Watergate, Falls Church

St. Ambrose Leo Club,

Zone C (Northeast)

Region 2; Zone 1, Engleside, Mason Neck, Mount Vernon Evening, Springfield/Franconia Host, Springfield Global Lions

Hayfield Secondary School Leo Club,

Zone D (Northeast)

Region 2; Zone 2, Dale City, Montclair, Prince William County, Quantico, Woodbridge

Dale City Garfield High School Leo Club,

Zone E (Northeast)

Region 3; Zone 1, Burkey Host, Clifton, Fairfax, Merrifield, Tysons Corner, Vienna Host

Herndon Community Leo Club, Oakton High School Leo Club, Robinson Secondary School Leo Club

Zone F (Northeast)

Region 3; Zone 2, Arcola, Leesburg, Lovettsville, Middleburg, Purcellville, Reston Host, Sterling

Belmont Ridge Middle Shool Leo Club, Blue Ridge Middle School Leo Club, Eagle Ridge Middle School Leo Club, Farmwell Station Middle School Leo Club, Lunsford Middle School Leo Club, Mercer Middle School Leo Club, Potomac Falls High School Leo Club, River Bend Middle School Leo Club, Rock Ridge High School Leo Club, Stone Hill Middle School Lep Club, Virginia Cyber Omega Leo Club

Zone G (Southeast)

Region 4; Zone 1, Lake Jackson/Mid-County, Manassas Everest, Manassas Host, Manassas Lioness Lions, Park-West

Linton Hall Leo Club, Metz Middle School Leo Club,

Zone H (Southeast)

Region 4; Zone 2, Culpeper '92, Culpeper Mid-Day, Rappahannock, Remington, Warrenton, Warrenton Sunrise

Culpeper County High School Leo Club, Eastern View High School Leo Club,

Zone I (Southeast)

Region 5; Zone 1, Aquila Evening, Aquila Harbor Host, Greater Falls Run, Stafford

Colonial Forge High School Leo Club,

Zone J (Southeast)

Region 5; Zone 2, Chancellor Host, Dahlgreen, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Spotsylvania Courthouse 100, Westmoreland

James Monroe High School Leo Club, Roaring Leo Club,

Zone K (Blue Ridge)

Region 6; Zone 1, Gordonsville, Greene County, Lake of the Woods, Lake of the Woods Lioness Lions, Louisa, Madison
Locust Grove Leo Club, Millbrook High School Leo Club,

Zone L (Blue Ridge)

Region 6; Zone 2, Charlottesville Grounds of UVA, Charlottesville Host, Charlottesville Lioness Lions, Crozet, Palmyra/Rivanna, Scottsville,

Zone M (Blue Ridge)

Region 7 (South Valley); Zone 1, Augusta, Churchville, Craigsville, Monterey, Staunton, Waynesboro

Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind Leo Club

Zone N (Blue Ridge)

Region 7; Zone 2, Bath, Bath/Highlands Lioness Lions, Buene Vista, Clifton Forge, Lexington,

Zone O (Shenandoah Valley)

Region 8; Zone 1, Clark, Middletown Children First, Stephens City, Strasburg, Winchester Host, Winchester Lioness Lions, Winchester Shawnee

James Woods Leo Club, Sherando Leo Club,

Zone P (Shenandoah Valley)

Region 8; Zone 2, Basye Bryce Mountain, Edinburg, Front Royal, Luray, Mount Jackson, Stanley, Woodstock

Zone Q (Shenandoah Valley)

Region 8; Zone 3, Broadway, Elkton, Harrisonburg, McGaheysville/Massanutten, New Market, Shenandoah, Timberville, Weyers Cave,

Region chairpersons are appointed by the governor, and are members of the district governor’s cabinet. The region chairperson, subject to the supervision and direction of the district governor, is the chief administrative officer in the region. Duties include supervising the zone chairpersons in the region, supervising district committees as assigned by the district governor, organizing new clubs and strengthening weak clubs.

Zones A, B, C, D, E, F

Zones G, H, I, J

Zones K, L, M, N

Zones O, P, Q

Our District (24-L)

The district is your club’s connection to the wider world of Lions Clubs International. The world’s Lions clubs are grouped into approximately 750 districts. Each district has at least 35 clubs and at least 1,250 Lions club members. Each district has a district governor who is elected for a one year term and is responsible for the overall success of our mission of service in the district. The responsibilities of the district governor are shared with the district governor team (DG Team), comprising of the district governor and first and second vice district governors. The team works together to supervise overall district operations, develop team strategies and encourage the invitation of new members and formation of new clubs. The officers and various committee chairpersons make up the district cabinet. Club presidents and secretaries are often in contact with the district cabinet and serve as an informal advisory committee.


The first vice district governor assists the district governor with membership development, the chartering of new clubs and the promotion of district events. The vice district governor’s specific responsibilities are to: o Further the purposes of this association. o Serve as the key District Governor Team liaison to the Global Membership Team and take an active role in membership growth, extension of new clubs, and ensuring existing club success within the district. ME13 EN 6/18 o Work with the District Governor, Second Vice District Governor, and the Global Leadership Team to develop and implement a district-wide plan for leadership development. o Become familiar with the duties of the district governor so in the event of a vacancy in the office of district governor, he/she will be better prepared to assume the duties and responsibilities of said office. o Participate in preparation of the district budget. o Perform other functions and tasks as set forth by the district governor

The second vice district governor assists the district governor with membership retention and increasing awareness among Lions about the associations various programs. The second vice district governor also serves as a liaison between the Global Leadership Team and DG Teams


The cabinet secretary-treasurer acts under the supervision of the district governor and is responsible for recording and maintaining district proceedings, reports and funds.

The cabinet secretary-treasurer acts under the supervision of the district governor and is responsible for recording and maintaining district proceedings, reports and funds.

The Resource Officer is your "Go-To" person when you have a question about Lions. The Resource Officer also monitors clubs to ensure that they are filing their reports properly and on-time, and offers assistance to those clubs who request it. We Lions like to recognize those clubs that go above and beyond, and clubs are eligible for various awards and grants each year. The Resource Officer also tracks clubs progress in this area as well.

Much of the work of the district is done by committees made up of dedicated Lions from our district. The chairperson of each of these committees is part of our cabinet, and brings advice and guidance when making district decisions.

There are several Foundations created to support and carry out Lions charitable activities. While these foundations are associated with our District, they are separate legal entities with their own management teams. Each of these foundations sends a liason to represent them as part of our Cabinet.

Global Action Team

The Global Action Team puts the entire Lions network to work for your club. It's a bottoms-up, whole-club approach that can energize every facet of your club.

The GLT District Coordinator is the driving force to ensure that the district is strong, stable and focused on developing and inspiring quality leadership.

The GST District Coordinator provides capacity building resources to region, zone and club service chairpersons, empowering Lions to meet the priority needs of their communities and elevate the member experience through impactful service growth.

The GMT District Coordinator is the driving force that ensures the district is strong, stable and focused on membership.


Much of the work of the district is done by committees made up of dedicated Lions from our district. Committees vary in size from one to five or more members, depending on the amount of work the committee does. Learn More about Committes


Donations to most local clubs are not tax-deductible. Our local District Lions Charity is a 501(c)3 registered charity, which means that donations made to this charity are tax deductible. If a donation is made on behalf of the club, our charity will donate those funds to that club, effectively allowing the donor to make tax-deductible donations to the club. Of course, our local District Lions Charity also accepts general donations which are used to fund district-wide projects.

This is our State Foundation, and serves all three districts in Virginia. With an endowment of close to $3 million, grants are available to individual clubs for many projects. In addition, any club can receive an emergency grant of up to $10,000 (usually within hours) to respond to natuaral disasters in their community.

Lions of Virginia Foundation (opens in new window)

This is the main foundation for Lions Clubs International. Grants are made to Lions throughout the world, and Lions Clubs in Virginia have received over $2 million dollars in grants from this foundation.

Lions Clubs International Foundation (opens in new window)

Other Associations & Activities

The concept of a separate Multiple District trading pin club was the idea of PCC Bill Smith, 24-A. He issued a memorandum on December 1981, to a group of pin traders in District 24-A (all members of Lions International Trading Pin Club (LITPC)). He asked them to meet with him to consider the possibility of forming a Virginia pin trading club. They met at the Holiday Inn in Manassas on January 18, 1982, worked out a constitution, and that evening PTCV was born. Since then, over 40 similar clubs have been formed all over the world. All of these are based on the actions taken in Virginia.

Pin Traders