Douglas Cross & John Frye, Chairs

Awards Committee
Vicki Davies, Chair

The Awards Committee is a standing committee of the Lions of Virginia. It is responsible for reviewing the State Achievement Award forms and requirements each year and recommending any changes for the following year.

Bland Music Scholarship
Shirley Wilson & Lawrence Roller, Chairs

The District Bland Chair sits on the board of the Bland Foundation (BF), which is responsible for the administration of the statewide program. The District Bland Chair also oversees Bland contests within the District and organizes the District contest itself.

Budget Committee
Karen Stevens & Ray McDonald, Chairs

The budget committee works with the District Governor to establish a budget for the year. The budget is approved by the cabinet at the first cabinet meeting of the year.

Campus Clubs
Sally Kenavan & Mark Pennypacker, Chairs

District Campus Club Chairpersons team up with the Multiple District Campus Club Chairperson and the District and Multiple District Extension Chairpersons to build and strengthen campus club membership. Oversees campus club development.

Canine Companions
James Purton & Michele Purton, Chairs

The main function of this position is to promote an awareness of Lions Project for Canine Companions for Independence (LPCCI) and CCI programs to clubs and individuals in the District and see that CCI’s mission to provide service dogs for individuals with disabilities is assisted financially by Lions. Websites: and

Stapleton Wills & James Christiansen, Chairs

The District Chaplain role is to perform the Invocations and Benedictions at all District functions, and to arrange for memorial services for Lions that have passed within the last year.

Club Visitation
Open Chair

Oversee the complete Visitation Program for the District Governor, develop a roster of all Club Visitation Chairpersons, with address, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Plans the Visitation Kickoff Awards Dinner in August of the next Lion Year.

Constitution & Bylaws
Patricia Isaac & Harry Parker, Chairs

The District Chairperson serves on the State committee with one member from each District. From this committee, the Council of Governors will appoint a General Chairperson for the Lions year.

Vicki Davies & Shirley Gorospe, Chairs

In March 1984, the Diabetes Awareness Program became a major commitment of the association. This committee coordinates diabetes programs throughout the district.

Disaster Response / Lions Alert / Safety
Dave Casto, Chair

Maintains district-level emergency supplies and equipment, and coordinates with local clubs to provide assisantance during disasters.

District Newsletter
Jessica Hall, Chair

Our District publishes PAW PRINTS on a monthly basis. The newsletter is one of the main methods of communication for the members of our District.

John Knepper, Chair

The ethics committee answers questions from members and club regarding ethical issues, and works with the District Governor to resolve complaints.

Fall Conference
Open Chair

The Fall Conference is our first, and biggest, district-wide meeting each year. It is an excellent chance to meet fellow lions and learn more about the many programs and services we provide.

Foundation Fighting Blindness
Davida Luehrs, Chair

Hearing Conservation
Sharon Hart & Regan McLaughlin, Chairs

Hearing Conservation and Work with the Deaf became a major Lions activity in 1997. This committee implements a District plan of action for a public education and awareness program to understand the needs of persons with hearing and/or speech impairments with the goal of improving their quality of life.

Sharon Hart & Sharon Schrack, Chairs

Our district has a rich-history of service, and the historian keeps records of our achievements.

Incoming Officers School
Vicki Davies & Jim Boatner, Chairs

Our district offers several training classes for incoming club presidents, secretaries, and treasurers each year.

Information Technology
Scott McMurrain & Philip Schrack, Chairs

As the fast advancement of new technology is affecting every aspect of our daily lives in every corner of the earth, each District is encouraged to stay in the main stream of the digital world by appointing an Information Technology Chairperson

Internation Convention
Wilma Murphy, Chair

This committee is responsible for keeping the membership updated on the International Convention.

Internation Liason and Relations
G Isaac Jr & Roy Wilson, Chairs

The chairperson of this committee is responsible for keeping the membership updated and supported on International Relations.

L.A.M.P. Coordinator
Vicki Davies & Valerie Gangwer, Chairs

In July of 2000, MD-24 Lions joined Remote Area Medical (RAM), the Virginia Dental Association, The Health Wagon and others to put on the largest two day health fair in Virginia at Wise. The 2002-2003 Council of Governors made this a statewide program and the mission at Wise has been supported each year since

Leader Dogs
Charles Schwab & Wanda Taylor, Chairs

Leader Dogs for the Blind (LDFTB) was founded in 1939 by three members of a Detroit area Lions Clubs who were unable to obtain a dog guide for a friend from any other source. The trio led the purchase of an old farmhouse in Rochester Hills, Michigan to house the training facilities. Since then, the school has raised, trained and graduated more than 14,000 Leader Dogs.

Leo Clubs
Mark Pennypacker & Vicki Davies, Chairs

The Leo Club Program provides young people with the opportunity to develop leadership skills by conducting civic and service activities in their communities.

Lions Clubs International Foundation
James Cech & Vicki Davies, Chairs

Lions Eyeglass Recycling
Kim Fields, Chair

Eyeglass recycling is one of the key Lions projects. Each year, our district collects ten of thousands of used eyeglasses, which are then recycled and distributed to those in need.

Lions of Virginia Foundation
Charles Carroll & Mary Beth Schwab, Chairs

Long Range Planning
Wilma Murphy & Glen Logan, Chairs

The Long Range Planning Committee is comprised of the two most recent past District Governors, who work together with the other districts in Virginia to establish our general plans for the next five years.

New Voices
Sally Kenavan, Chair

Northern Virginia Lions Youth Camp
Philip Mayo, Chair

Our district sponsors a Youth Camp near Winchester, and this committee coordinates activities and donations with the Northern Virginia Lions Youth Camp.

Old Dominion Eye Foundation
Kim Fields & G Isaac Jr, Chairs

Harry Parker & A Gordon Colley Iii, Chairs

Within Lionis, protocol is the act of doing things proper and treating your guests in a courteous manner. Advanced planning is critical if we are to create a dignified image in the eyes of all attending a particular function. If we achieve this atmosphere, we will surely create the desire on the part of our guests to return to our future events.

Peace Poster Contest
Sandra Morris & Jeffrey Root, Chairs

The District Peace Poster committee is responsible for coordinating the efforts of the district for this annual contest that challenges young people to think about peace and express what it means to them.

Pin Traders
Philip Sharpe & Frederick Leach, Chairs

H Turner, Chair

Reading Action Program
W Jean Turner & Joanne York, Chairs

Relieving Hunger
Nenita Yu, Chair

Sargent of Arms
Foster Morse & Grover Jaeger, Chairs

Sight and Hearing Mobile Screening Unit
Charles Harmon & James Cech, Chairs

Social Media / Public Relations
Tejas Patel & Sharon Hart, Chairs

Special Needs Equipment
Sharon Hart & Marilee Kenlon, Chairs

Responds to requests from people with visual and hearing impairments, who request assistance from the Lions, and coordinate requests for assistance with local Lions Clubs

Stamps for the Wounded
Mary Propst & Nancy Volpe, Chairs

The Lions of District 24-A collect canceled postage stamps for a very important cause, "Stamps for the Wounded." Stamps for the Wounded (SFTW) is a service of the Lions 50 International Stamp Club, and was founded in 1942 in response to an appeal from the Armed Services Hospitals.

State Convention
Harry Parker, Chair

The District State Convention Chair insures that all Clubs receive the “Information Packets” from the State Chairperson and assists the Clubs with their participation in the State Convention.

USA/Canada Forum
Vicki Davies, Chair

Encourage attendance to the annual Lions Leadership Forums, and communicate with clubs to inform them of the date, location, and costs of the Leadership Forum.

Virginia Lions Eye Institute
Sheryl Bass, Chair

Virginia Lions Hearing Foundation
Currell Tiffany & Patricia Isaac, Chairs

Marie Davis, Chair

White Cane
Lois Powell & Richard Bell, Chairs

The goal of this Chairperson is to provide programs and assistance to aid people who are blind and visually impaired and support the District Wide White Cane activities as appropriate.

Winter Conference
Glen Logan & Sharon Smith, Chairs

The Winter Conference is held in February, and is our final district-wide get together before the State Convention.

Women and Family Membership Development
Sally Kenavan, Chair

World Wide Induction
Shirley Wilson & Mary Beth Schwab, Chairs

World Wide Induction Day is a worldwide event that welcomes new members and gives Lions the opportunity to stimulate membership growth and increase public awareness.

Youth Exchange
Staci Seebold-collins, Chair

Each year, our district sponsors a youth exchange with a high-school student from a Lions District in another part of the world.

Youth Outreach / Lions Quest
Staci Seebold-collins, Chair

Lions Quest is a comprehensive, positive, youth development program, sponsored by Lions Clubs International and Lions Clubs International Foundation. It involves the home, school, and community to cultivate capable, healthy young people of strong character through life skills, character education, civic values, service-learning, tolerance, and substance abuse prevention.