Becoming A Lion

When a group of people join together, roll up their sleeves and take action on projects to make their community better, it’s a beautiful thing—and an incredible feeling for everyone involved. That’s Lions. Being a Lion is about leading by example, building relationships and improving the world through kindness. It’s how caring men and women serve together so they can make an even greater impact and change more lives.

The Many Ways to Lion

Every Lions club is unique. Each serves in its own way, choosing projects that are important to its members and community. Below you’ll find a quick overview of some of our club models.

Regular Membership

Lions clubs are powered by compassionate men and women with a desire to serve through action. With more than 47,000 clubs around the world, chances are good that there’s one in your community or in a community nearby.


Allows relatives living in the same house to volunteer together at a reduced dues rate. Children cannot become members, but can participate in the Cub Program, which allows children under age 12 the opportunity to build a lifelong dedication to helping others.


Students between the age of legal majority and 30 enrolled in an educational institution are eligible to receive a discount on dues.

Leo Clubs

Provides an opportunity for youth and young adults to serve in their communities, develop leadership skills and grow as individuals. There are Alpha Leos (ages 12-18) and Omega Leos (ages 18-30).

Leo-Lion Membersips

Provides current or former Leos between the age of legal majority through 30 the opportunity to transition from Leo to Lion while receiving a discount on dues and other benefits.